Dragon Professional Speaking software latest update

Dragon Professional 13/14

15% More Accurate Than Dragon 12
Dragon version 13/14’s core takes advantage of more powerful computer specifications, and even where lesser specifications are concerned, a user profile will experience enhanced accuracy over and above version 12.

Speakeasy Solutions says “Dragon’s ever increasing accuracy is certainly present with version 13/14.”

Faster Response Time
Dragon version 13/14 offers an enhanced ability to adapt to your computer’s resources and specifications.

Speakeasy Solutions says “Dragon’s response time is much faster, and latency due to lack of resources is also reduced. It is clear that Dragon responds faster to voice issued commands. “

New Vocabulary Editor 
Dragon’s new Vocabulary Editor allows you to search both Written and Spoken Forms, improving user experience when modifying vocabulary.

Speakeasy Solutions says “Not certain whether a word or phrase is in the written or spoken form? Search both at once! This is a long time coming and very much appreciated.

The new Properties dialog box has also been expanded, and offers more versatility, and therefore more control over your vocabulary.”

Multiple Audio Devices of the Same Type
Dragon now offers you the opportunity to use and train different USB microphones within the same user profile (i.e. Philip SpeechMike, and Sennheiser wireless microphone).

Speakeasy Solutions says “This has been on our top five requests for over 10 years. This is one of the best enhancements of version 13 for those who wish to use multiple USB devices.”

Automatic Sorting of Available Audio Devices
Dragon assists you in choosing the best microphone connected to your computer.

Speakeasy Solutions says “This is reasonably useful for individuals who are uncertain which microphone connected to their computer might provide them with the best accuracy. While I have some reservations in its sorting capabilities, it will hopefully prove useful to some.”

A New DragonBar
Dragon’s new DragonBar automatically collapses, taking up minimal screen space.

Speakeasy Solutions says “Don’t worry, the Classic DragonBar is still available for those who do not wish to transition to the new DragonBar. The new DragonBar occupies minimal screen real estate, which will be very useful to those with smaller monitors.”

Full Text Control & Voice Commands in Google Chrome and Firefox
Along with Internet navigation voice commands similar to those previously only available with Internet Explorer, Dragon now provides Full Text Control within Google Chrome and Firefox.

Speakeasy Solutions says “This has been a long since desired feature for many of our clients, and ourselves. Full Text Control enables you to dictate with complete editing and correcting capabilities directly in text regions within Google Chrome and Firefox.

Unfortunately, at present, Chrome has disabled Full Text Control. For some, Full Text Control in Firefox is also not available at present. Nuance is hopeful this will be rectified.

Moreover, of particular note to those with upper limb limitations, the ability to use voice commands and navigate webpages within Google Chrome and Firefox is a spectacular benefit. Not every capability within Internet Explorer is also available in Chrome and Firefox (i.e. clicking hyperlinks is not available in Chrome).

Alexandria edits the website, and writes the blog posts in Mozilla Firefox, therefore this feature is absolutely indispensable. Curiously, where others have reported a failing of Full Text Control in Mozilla Firefox, Alexandria has not.

Canadian English Vocabulary
Dragon now offers a Canadian English vocabulary option.

Speakeasy Solutions says “It’s about time! No longer is the Speakeasy Solutions Canadian vocabulary needed. However, not every single word offers the Canadian variant (i.e. anesthetic, pediatric etc.); these will require editing in Dragon’s Vocabulary.

Unfortunately, you cannot add the standard American  vocabulary to a user profile that is based on the Canadian vocabulary (and vice versa). This is unfortunate for those who need to use both American and Canadian spelling for different projects. Two separate user profiles will need to be created.

If you require the empty vocabulary, this is accessed through the United States region/language. Once you create a profile, you can then add an empty vocabulary to the existing American vocabulary.

As of V13 Speakeasy Solutions will no longer provide a Canadian language vocabulary. However, if there is demand for the vocabulary, we will provide.”

New Custom Command Type
Dragon allows for the inclusion of any word or phrase that is in Dragon’s vocabulary as a variable within a command, resulting in a powerful synergy of boilerplate/repetitious text and unique dictation.

Speakeasy Solutions says “Another long time coming feature. We’re looking forward to assisting our clients with these new productivity enhancement command types.”

Improved Smart Format Rules
Dragon offers more hints for alternative written word forms.

Speakeasy Solutions says “Unfortunately, the same issues persist as with the introduction of this new feature from version 12. When numbers are involved, this feature is useless. However, new users of Dragon may find this moderately useful. We always suggest tweaking vocabulary directly in the vocabulary.”

Windows Operating System & Microsoft Office Support
Dragon no longer offers support for older operating systems and Microsoft Office.

Speakeasy Solutions says “Dragon 13/14 supports the following Windows operating systems: Windows 7 (32 bit & 64 bit), Windows 8 (32 bit & 64 bit), and Windows 10.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 supports the following Microsoft Officeversions: Microsoft Office 2010, and Microsoft Office 2013. Additionally, Dragon 14 supports Microsoft Office 2016.”

Additional Transcription Tools (Dragon 14 only)
Accurately transcribe another single speaker’s voice from pre-recorded audio files or from podcasts without having to create and train a profile using a recording of that single speaker reading pre-selected text. .m4a format is now also supported.

Speakeasy Solutions says “This was a genuine surprise with respect to this feature’s accuracy and ease of use. While not perfect, and obviously there will be no punctuation or paragraph breaks from a speech, this may have its use for some individuals.

As always, it’s far better to dictate into a digital voice recorder with Dragon transcription in mind for near perfect results.”

Loss of Ability to Dictate Directly into Incompatible Text Fields
Dragon no longer permits transcription in some non-standard text fields, forcing users to utilize the Dictation Box.

Speakeasy Solutions says “This is perhaps the biggest backslide with Dragon NaturallySpeaking, and will be the most frustrating for some users.

While I have found that I can dictate directly into various Adobe products (i.e. InDesign, PhotoShop) and Snagit which do not support Full Text Control, I can no longer dictate directly into severely non-standard text fields such as Second Life and my understanding, also some instant messaging and obscure applications.

Moreover, even if dictating directly into an unsupported text field (no Full Text Control) such as the above mentioned Adobe products and Snagit, you can no longer effectively use global commands such as “cap that”, “scratch that” etc.

This is most unfortunate for those who are able to attain close to 100% accuracy, and wish to bypass the Dictation Box entirely when dictating in non-standard text fields.”

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