Our Expertise

Be it Windows or Mac, Standalone or enterprise, local or virtual our team serves our clients in a wide variety of Nuance Desktop Applications. By collaborating with Nuance we bring you the best experience with your Nuance support solutions. We often work with data sensitive situations and assist professionals that abide confidentiality standards.

Our Approach

Our team of experienced and talented technicians have seen a lot about technical support for dictation, transcription and speech recognition solutions through years of Nuance Support experience. We have blended our IT support with customer service and very flexible and lenient when we help you set up your new Nuance support software and hardware. Our team of expertise technical engineers will provide proper training, support and guidance to successfully launch a digital dictation work flow and be comfortable with it.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide complete solution for Nuance Support and Dragon Support for our clients with a touch of charismatic service. We let our clients to be comfortable with any platform they use. Be it Windows or Mac platform our Nuance Support and Dragon Support will integrate voice and workflow solutions for our existing medical, legal, business and government environment. We do not let starters suffer, we will also help them configure speech recognition to be used with any voice recognition applications or show you how to use the nuance desktop applications with other recognition programs.



First, our specialized engineers will consult with you about your implementation goals and perform a brief analyzation of your computer environment to deploy a configured solution to your work station. After installation and setup, we will consider your specifications and customize your speech software and hardware accordingly. As a final approach we create any supported workflows you need to share and backup your dictation

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Proper training is an essential thing a company can invest in. It also helps you use your new solution effectively and efficiently. From understanding the basics, we will ensure that you will be able to efficiently understand the solution’s most common functions. We also touch some of the operations that are less common and more complex concepts. As a final touch we will reinforce the topics that are already covered to make sure you are prepared to work independently with the solution.